Jeremy Reilly - Founder of Limitless

Jeremy Reilly - Founder of Limitless

How it started

I began as my career as a Golf professional and have been coaching for nearly 20 years. It was through my sport and a love of helping people reach their goals that got me into the fitness industry. Now with over a decade in fitness and two in golf I have my own golf & fitness facilities and with a great team alongside me Limitless is growing into my vision.

What I want to ACHIEVE

I believe that in a world becoming less and less active despite our lives becoming more and more busy I want to get people loving movement again. Whether that's through the joy of a perfectly struck golf shot or the satisfaction of completing a great workout I want any customer who comes to us to be inspired.

It's not just golf and fitness

Over the years I've had to develop a multitude of skills not only in my fields but also in entrepreneurship, IT and marketing. I want to use this platform as an opportunity to talk about all these areas. 

personal DEVELOPMENT & Experimentation

I love to learn. Through books, online, podcasts and especially through interactions with others. It is through this love of learning that I developed a passion for experimenting and exploring new ideas and activities. I hope sharing my experiences will entertain and inspire.