T-Minus 7 days to the start of my Ketogenic diet experiment. The most important part about starting new diet is getting all your planning done. This includes physical planning such as making sure you have foods, supplements and any storage (tupperware) etc you'll need for your diet. I'll be talking more about planning for meals etc in a future video.

Another key is have a plan for failure, if you are certain that you won't have one moment where you will drop of the plan and that you can go out for a meal and stick to everything on the diet then skip this part. If however you are human then you'd better have the plan for what to do when you do 'fail'. For me I look ahead to events like weddings, parties, charity dinners etc where I'm going to be eating off plan and just make a contingency for the day after these events.

Other areas I'm going to be covering in the future is having plan for when you reach the end of the diet phase (this doesn't apply if your diet is based on moderation. Whole blog on this coming soon.)

I'm going to try and post frequently on this experiment. Plus comment on some of my previous experiments with the 5:2 diet and also calorie restricted dieting. Stay tuned!

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