Parent Golfing Advice

Golf Advice - Parenting dos and don'ts.

Be Realistic with your expectations

Remember they are children and will learn from the good and the bad.

Support the coach not coach the child

If you add information and try to coach your own child you are only going to confuse them and slow down their progress in whatever their coach has them working towards

Reward and encourage your child for commitment, hard work and being a good sport and person.

Focus your encouragement and rewards on their work rate and good behaviour and not on results. Results based rewards add unwanted pressure and if results aren't forthcoming will discourage them.

If you are a golfer remember their reasons for playing may be different to yours.

Keep in mind that your child wants to be independent from you in some ways, and yet have your support. Let their goals drive their level of involvement. This will lead to less frustration and arguments.

Behave on the course how you would like them to behave.

Club throwing, anger, poor etiquette are all great ways to create a bad example for your child.

Keep composed and stay calm.

When you see your child make a mistake or do something that you think was careless, remain calm and composed. Often it is best to not even mention those mistakes during the round. Best to wait until after and then maybe ask what did you think you did well and not so well today? Let them do the analysis.

Support your child in many different ways.

Listen to them when they need to be heard after a tough round or practice session. Challenge them when they are exhibiting a bad attitude. Confirm what they are going through is normal in sport. Also remember sometimes they might not want to discuss a bad round and that's fine too.

Be empathetic.

Never make them feel guilty about “your sacrifices” for them to play. There are many more ways to support than just paying for them to play, transporting them, or giving them tactical advice.

Make your love and support unconditional and never contingent on performance.